• Ive never been to law school but my suggestion would be to take the courses. You never know what might pop up on a test. Plus it never hurt anyones career to know too much. You may need it later in life.
  • No just basic college math I dont think it goes passed calculus,I have a couple of cousins that are attorneys. It's essential for critcal thinking as a component for a Doctorates' degree, if that's where your headed.
  • Actually, you do not need to take math classes unless your undergrad school requires it. I am in law school right now and a lot of my professors have actually expressed how badly at math they are. You do NOT need math to do well in law school or succeed as an attorney. If you are considering laws school, I highly recommend taking writing classes (style, editing, etc.) and public speaking classes. I mean, if you want to get into politics- poli sci would obviously be good as well, but that's not really going to help you in law school
  • I am a lawyer. To answer your question. In general no. Any 4 year degree will qualify you for law school. But, as with everything in law there is an exception to the rule. If you plan to be a patent lawyer you must have a Bachelor's of Science and if you are working on technical (scientific issues) you will need proof of this background. Patent lawyers take 2 bar exams. They take a patent bar exam in additiont o the regular bar exam. Good luck. You will find that in law there are rules and then there are always exceptions to these. Politics doesn't even require a law degree at all.
  • I would definitely take Statistics.
  • I would recommend logic classes- usually found in the Philosophy department. That will give you a HUGE advantage over the other lawyers and politicians. Sociology would be a big help as well.
  • Not for law and certainly not for politics. The only maths you need in law is to count the money you make and in politics to work out swing percentages. But I would personally do them as they are worth it in and of themselves. But then I really like maths so... :)
  • Wow...I wish someone had told me that I didn't need math 6 years ago when I first thought about law. I talked myself out of it before of how poorly I did in math. Now 3-4 degrees later, including a teachers degree, a sociology honours, theatre minor AND a masters degree in arts, I'm back at square one thinking about Go figure! Judging by the salaries of first year lawyers too..that's definitely an additional motivator. If you ask me, teachers should be gettin' what lawyers make cause it's hard work!!! lol.
  • I am a pre-law political science/ english major. Unless you want to go into game theory, calculus is not necessary. If you choose to go into game theory, calculus 2 is usually required. Logic will help you on the LSATs. Also, courses in english and writing will prove useful. In law, your writing has to be flawless. If you want to go into political science, economics will help you a great deal as you will encounter it, at least in part, in everything. Even the basics (micro and macroeconomics) will provide you with a great base.

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