• I'm no expert but purple high heels?
  • Both your dress and your jacket are plum? Like a complete look/outfit that is designed to go together? Hmmm.... I'd have to ask what the style is? Meaning, are the dress and jacket both long? Is the jacket something that will come off at some point, leaving just the dress? Or is it supposed be worn together with the jacket? Ok, regardless of all of that, I would probably not go with matching shoes. You'd either look like a bride's maid or you're wearing a Garanimals-for-adults outfit. Or yikes! Even worse: Star Trek. Yeah, they always had matchy-matychy outfits, of course they were always paired with complimentary-hued tights. LOL Anyway, what I'm getting at is too much plum. Without having a better idea of what the outfit looks like, I'd have to go with something like chocolate brown and strappy. Maybe with a matching color bag and jewelry? I say strappy because you don't want an overpoweringly solid color on your feet that would compete with your monotone outfit on top. Hope this helps!
  • I am in agreement with the future member of the Fab Five as far as the kind of footwear. Strappy sandals for sure. But I think metallic gold strappy sandals would be exquisite!
  • Black goes with all colors that are darker, if you did not like black, I would say a lavender color, so you are not all the same color.
  • lime green. they'll stand out, be original, but still match. high heels of course, as it's a dress, however no sparkles or anything too ornate since you're wearing a jacket
  • I agree, Dyed shoes are SO 80's! go with black and a peek-a-boo toe.
  • How about beige or cream color sandals? White would look nice too. Strappy sandals will help bring out your natural skin color to not make your look "heavy" and give you that extra accent without looking "off."
  • Because we are in the winter season, Black or the exact color of plum as the dress. You can die white shoes to match if you are up for that. You could get black strappy's with blum beading on them. Going conservative always wins.
  • well since we are going through a phase of the 50's and 60's era trends i would say go with a black stihletto heal...maybe a velvet or satin shoe nothing that is going to over power your dress and a peek a boo toe would be perfect with something that is hugging on the hips and maybe a line? these kind of heels will definatly give the apperance of a slimer and longer leg. not to mention they make claves look amazing.
  • I had a plum jacket and and skirt and I wore them with a plum pair of shoes. If you don't have any that color you can always find some in the style you like and have them dyed. Use an accent color somewhere else on your outfit so you're not completely plum. Depending on whether you're tall or medium height or thin or plump, wearing one color all the way makes you look taller and thinner, which I always go for!
  • Black is the best.

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