• No, obsessions arise in all of us whether we want them to or not. Some obsessions manifest without conscious thought. We all need to have certain things around us to feel comfortable. To obsess about illogical things or that which is not socially acceptable to obsess about is where issues arise. An unhealthy obsession would be a negative obsession and may cause defects to arise in one's life. That isn't to say an obsessive person can't be somebody with a mental problem. The individual's psyche must be taken into perspective and allowed to play its role in understanding the cause for the obsessions. Some obsessions are quite healthy and can elongate the life of individuals. To lump that word into a giant category is not fair to the word or the people who are attached to it. Imagine if parents didn't obsess over taking care of their infant. Would the child be as likely to survive as the one whose parent's did?
  • According to the general definition I would say no, it's not a defect but something that occasionally happens to people. According to the medical definition I think it could be.

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