• Why indeed? :)
  • For the same reason all other politicians belittle their opponents..trying to take some of the scrutiny off themselves. It is the nature of politics.
  • He's from Chicago. That's what they do here. Look up how Todd Stroger became County Board President, and what he has done since taking office. That kind of dirty polics is the norm here. Don't be surprised in the Senator Obama camp hires someone to tail her with a video camera 24/7, just waiting to get on record even the slightest variance of what she may have said previously -- high school yearbook quote included. It's sometimes referred to as thug politics, taking down your opponint instead of raising your own level.
  • He's not. You're just confused because of all the flip-flopping going on between McCain and Palin...earmarks good or bad? sexism good or bad? negative advertisements are ok for republicans to use but not democrats. Okay for republicans to attack democrats' families and religion, but not vice versa. The good old Republican Double Standard Dance!
  • Just like Kteachers Pet was seems to be ok for the Republicans to use attack ads, but not the Democrats. Not that either party is completely innocent of some mud-slinging. But it seems to be quite the double-standard for the GOP.
  • Remember nothing is fair in a election, you fight to win by all means neccesary,,lie, cheat, steal, spy, belittle, exagerrate, blame game, he said she said etc. Both sides are as guilty as the other.
  • It's political season. And negative ads, most political advisers, think help. He's already tried belittling McCain and that didn't work that well, so go for the vulnerable. ;-)
  • Because it is politics. Of course he is going to belittle her. She is going to belittle him. That's just how it is. That is how it has always been.
  • Because deep down inside he is a little, scared boy with no substance. I can picture him as a little boy in school, crying because his playmates called him a name, or dissagreed with him on how recess should be run.
  • Because that's what people want to hear, it goes to show all of us who we really are.
  • He thinks McCain is more credible to belittle
  • Why are you asking when in previous questions and comments you have made it clear that you support Obama. It seems to me that you are just trying to get a rise out of people that support McCain/Palin so that you can in return just DR them. So let it begin.....
  • Um ... lack of sense??
  • I wonder if anyone who answered actually read the link you posted... clearly this question was rhetorical...
  • She's not exactly sweetness and nice to him. "Palling around with terrorists", anyone?
  • Just standard practice
  • Yeah! Why is that terrorist Muslim arab dissing poor old Palin who has never had a bad word for anyone? [/irony]
  • Frankly, I think she needs to go back home and govern her little ice population. McCain made a grave mistake in selecting her. She is an embarrassment. And why should Sen. Obama address her at all? Is she running for president?
  • Because She is Infinitely more qualified than he is, and she is exposing obama's deceptions, half truths and lies!
  • Are you kidding..have you seen her? He is just with the rest of World opinion!

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