• I am what people see. I am judged by some things but we all are. People judge. It makes them feel better about their lives.
  • I am very happy with the person that is inside. I see myself as someone who knows how to get things done, a leader, a guys who inspires other people to achieve their goals. I see myself as someone who will never quit when the going gets tough, will never let anything get in the way of something that I want, and someone who will give 110% every time I do something. I make friends very easy, keep them even easier, and have many lady friends for those cold lonely nights. I know what makes me happy and what makes me mad, I never let bad thoughts get to me anymore, or let anything anyone says affect anything I do. Basically, I am me, PureAwesome.
  • I am a very easy going person, I always have a smile on my Face and a song in my heart;) I have been through some Really tough times But that has made me stronger;) Extremely grateful to friends and family and people I don't even know;) I like to make other people smile and I hope I do cause life is to short so live it the Best you Can,,,, I DO;)!!As for How I am Judged I think thats the way I come Across;)
  • I have a great personallity, if you know me, I am laid back, outspoken, crazy and just have a love for my family and life, I do believe some of these could be faults of mine also
  • Im pretty sure that most people who knew me would describe me as being a smart ass who enjoys learning about things (ex: philosophy, literature, religion) that will be of no practical use to him in the really real world. A friend of mine once told me that after I graduate with my BA in Philosophy, I was going to be the coolest bartender at Red Lobster ever.
  • Miserable, smarmy, obnoxious, sarcastic, arrogant and pathetic.
  • im the shy type

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