• Sure, Dr_Dredd, I agree with you there. Etiquette is no longer an assumed thing. Then again, everything has been in a tailspin since 1963.
  • very rude.
  • People are getting ruder. It's almost like they don't have time for proper manners and niceties. Or the parents can't be bothered to teach the basics anymore.
  • I agree society is getting less polite. Kids are cursing at a younger age, parents are not teaching their kids manners and people just seem more angry.
  • it's not just you. it's not being taught to our kids today. I started working in the school in 1989 and every year I can see such a difference in manners of kids. Used to they went out of their way to be nice to you but now, if you get one that is 1/2 way nice, you are lucky. All you have to do is go to a business and watch customer have ur answer. I don't know if it's that parent's don't have time to teach it or just don't teach it. Media doesn't help either.. when you can turn on a cartoon and the guys "smart off" to the parents..what do we expect our kids to do. and it's not just's adults to.. I have never met so many rude adults in my life
  • im not sure people are getting any rude-er than they ever was. +4
  • i agree that pleasantries and politeness are a good thing in society. i prefer that people be considerate and well-mannered ~ its the glue that holds society together. thats my modus operandi. and i agree with heinlein on one level ~ respectful citizens are indicative of a healthy, harmonious society. but i disagree that society is becoming less polite. although there are and always have been polite, respectful, civilized people, i think this world is still as barbaric, uncouth, and uncivilized as it ever was in many ways. look at the news ~ there are warmongers everywhere, as there have been for millennia. if what heinlein said were true, then society has been dying for a long time. its a seemingly endless karmic cycle. but i have hope for the future ~ i have noticed a burgeoning spiritual awareness that has been emerging ~ i believe paradigms are shifting and there are many among us that are seeking to serve humanity and bring about positive social change. the true answer lies in compassion, not politeness. personally, i would rather have honesty than politeness that masks disdain. i believe a world of problems could be solved through open, honest, respectful communications. so i would prefer that people dispense with the polite bs and ulterior motives and be genuinely kind. "be the change you wish to see in the world" ~ gandhi
  • You know you may have a point. People don't show any respect to anything except religious zealotry, and none seem to practice what they preach. I like Philip K Dick too j

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