• Less than my Busa :) 200MPH+ gps confirfirmed with a trd...timing retard device + 5th gear map tricker...tricks the bike into thinking its in 5th not 6th so no rev limiter. and some Yoshi pipes. Dude your 1000 is an awesome bike....the answer is more hp than a normal rider can handle. Hp is not your only concern..power to weight..and aerodynamics. the Busa does so well cause even though a bit odd looking..its functional in wind tunnel test...hence it out topping the zx14 because of better aerodynamics. Why not google the hp. i think its 10% loss from crank to wheel on a bike. vs 15 on a stick car.
  • i would guess right around 160 rear wheel. I believe at the crank it is right around 180 bhp.

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