• I would hope so and I would think it would inspire black youth. If there are more black men and women who are showing the world that they too are valuable, intelligent and powerful then they too will be inspired. It inspires me as a... I'm not black but I'm not considered white... but it does!
  • lmao, it will inspire the white youth of KKK a lot all jokes aside though :) I think it really will inspire the minorities, just because of their extremely low representation in legal careers...
  • His Arab-American birth right shouldn't be negative. One would think that the black community would be angry that an Arab is trying to pass himself off as black. He is more Anglo-White than anything. Why doesn't he just say that he is a white guy with a dark completion. 6.25% does not make him black!! I have 8% black and 25% native Indian the rest is European and I was raised as pure White trash. and I look white. Be proud of what you are and stop hiding the facts!!
  • He inspires me and I'm a sour old white guy - so why not everyone else? Go Obama !
  • Perhaps.
  • I imagine Obama would inspire the youth of all color along with many others. This is telling due to his electabilty through the current polls. When your young your idealistic and a democrat...most that is, when you get older your idealism will temper and you become more of a conservative.. most that is...not all.
  • Um.. this question is quite ridiculous.. Who ever said black youth are not already inspired to greatness or a better life?!!! Obama is by FAR not the Martin Luthr King of our time! We need more Human Rights Activists to inspire the youth... not socialist, fascist, communist, corporate capitalist puppets who fool people into wars and attack the constitution. Obama DOES want to attack the 2nd Amendment. How will the youth be protected from the gangs in the streets if their parents aren't able to defend the families and when cops already don't care much for the slum of the ghettos? food for thought.
  • I would hope that he would inspire all people, not just black youth, and I believe that is possible.
  • It will inspire EVERYBODY, far beyond the trifling distinctions we've made among races. All around the world, educated folks who have abandoned us as a warlike nation of gullible country hicks will become enlightened and respectful once again. I can hardly wait.
  • I like your question. I may be mistaken, but I'm not sure Black youth are as impressed with Senator Obama's run for the Presidency as their elders. They don't really know anything about Black people being denied privileges granted to other Americans. I was a child when Black people were novelties on tv. I just vaguely remember the riots when Dr. King was assassinated. No doubt it will leave an impression, but I suspect there are a lot of other prominent people that Black youth find equally, if not more inspiring.
  • It should inspire youth of any color
  • Yes and yes.
  • I certainly hope so. I have already heard a few comments that, "now we going to be top dogs." Sigh. One of the problems in electing a "reformer" such as Obama, is the rise in expectations which may be highly difficult to fulfill. I wish him luck.
  • I guess that all depends on whether he performs well in the office or not.
  • I've noticed a difference in alot of Black youth (and some Latino) in highschools. Many seem to, atleast at that time, aspire to be him. The ones I know were inspired just by seeing him make it this far and I've never seen them so proud. At the same time, theres many who could care less and wanted McCain to win and see nothing special about what Obama did. But for the ones who seem to have looked up to him during the presidential race, this should definately inspire them. White, Black, Latino,'s pretty historical and a big deal.

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