• Yes the tip of the day love, go to your optician get the trial ones for two weeks see how you get along with them if you feel comfortable enough with those lenses and brand you have a copy of your perscription anyway, go on to they are the cheapest for the type of contact lens i require. Your optician should not make the desicion where you can purchase your Contact lenses it is purley up to you where you go. Give it a try and see how you get on with the trial lenses first then take the next step. My perscription is pretty high you have to be careful which brands etc, i also have astigmatism so the lenses i requisre are called Toric. Best of luck let me know how it goes for you.
  • just send in an ordrer. all contacts are the same... one day, 30 day wear... are all the same. order them the cheapest way possible and keep them 30 days or longer...but clean them well..daily
  • A contact lens prescription is LIKE a medication prescription. Once it's expired you have to see your eye doctor again, with good reason. There are some VERY dangerous complications with contacts. They are not all the same and your eyes may be different from the next persons. Online contact lens retailers will not fill an expired prescription. 1800 contacts and probably others will actually verify your prescription with your eye doc.
  • you probably need a perscription, go see your doctor

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