• Alls I know is it made me dizzy and my eyes go bugeyed
  • Nah but I was freaked out about if it was true for awhile. A brilliant idea, a tiny budget and they made it scary with very little actually happening
  • No, it was not, the documentary style was a ploy at originiality, which it was original, however the story is not true.
  • That movie sucked the big one! Well, I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I mean it in a bad way. It was sooo stupid and hard to get into. I've heard people say, if it was real, those dumbasses deserved everything that happened to them! Turn on the closed caption feature on your TV next time you see this movie playing. Then thank your lucky stars you don't need to rely on it! Any deaf person having to depend on what's written on screen can't possibly know what the movie is about or what's going on. It has no substance as it is, but so much is left out in closed captioning, it's incredible!
  • i dont know but it seems pretty real to me!and i so wouldnt go and talk about it in a bad way...cause its bad luck..!
  • No it wasn't a true story. I've been trying to persuade my friend that it wasn't true. She still doesn't believe me!
  • No, it was pretty good though.
  • well the movie wasn't real, but the story half! the real story is about 5 graduated students and the real story is a little bit different also! so the movie it self is Fake!
  • No, and I never believed that it was a real story while watching it. I guess that's why I didn't like it that much.

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