• There are several ways. Change the format if it's e.g. tiff or bmp to gif or jpg. Reduce the number of colors and/or the resolution. Zip it. Etc. etc.
  • As what "Pationl" said, there are many way. Change format of picture to other. for exam from TIFF or BMP to JPG or GIF Reduce resolution there a better way too!! use winrar to compress file in split mode!! winrar give you option to split file to your desired size. split file to some 10MB part and send it via 2-3 or more e-mail!!! ;) Good Luck.
  • Download Irfanview and resize/resample the image. I recommend sizing the image down to 800x600 or 1024x768 if all you're doing is sharing an image. If it is for a high-resolution project then Irfanview will allow you to set the desired output file size upon conversion. Make sure to convert to .jpg unless another file type is required. High-resolution bitmap (.bmp) or multi-layer Portable Network Graphic (.png) images can have VERY large file sizes.
  • "You can change the size or resolution of a digital picture by changing: • The number of pixels. The resolution, or sharpness, of a picture is determined by the number of pixels it has. For example, more pixels improves the resolution of a picture, which allows you to make a larger print without reducing visual quality. Keep in mind, however, that the more pixels a picture has, the larger its file size will be. • The file size. The amount of space a picture takes up on your computer and how long it takes to e‑mail is determined by the picture's file size. Though more pixels often means a larger file size, the picture's file type (JPEG or TIFF, for example) usually has more to do with file size. A picture saved using TIFF will be much larger than the same picture saved using JPEG. This is because JPEG pictures can be compressed, which makes the file smaller at the cost of slightly lower visual quality. If the picture is not already a JPEG, you can usually save a significant amount of space by saving the file as a JPEG, and then deleting the original TIFF version from your computer." Source and further information: Further information:
  • You can reduce the image size using Microsoft picture manager..
  • compress the file. You can do it for free online.

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