• Well first off its not Ctrl+Alt+F10, its just Alt+F10 during post at boot up. are you certain that that laptop does not have a recovery cd that came with it (no I don't think your dumb) but experience has taught me to ask. if it did USE IT. its got what you need on it to reformat. If not you can purchase a new cd of windows (your choice of version) and reformat the whole thing and start fresh, but before you do that I would suggest going to the acer sight and making sure they have all the necessary drivers for your machine available for download for the version you wish to install. You can also get a free OS of Linux, but it will be true hell trying to get drivers for your wireless connections. you may get lucky though. there are other ways of attaining windows operating systems for free and they work just fine, but they are illegal as all heck so I wont post that info here.
  • run malwarebytes (it's free) and then glarys after. It might be you don't need to reset everything after all.

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