• Seldom do I allow my pocket change to reach two bucks in coin. Heck, I don't even like to place singles or fives in my wallet. They get commingled with my change.
  • It's over $100 right now, because i'm trying to get one of each of the new quarters. I have as many as 10 of the same state, because i'm gonna pick out the best one before getting rid of the rest.
  • non existant. I keep spending it
  • I have one of those 8 gallons water jugs 3/4 full of silver. Do not know how much is in there.
  • I have a hugh dill pickle jar, almost filled with only quarters. My husband has a water machine bottle, ya know those hugh ones in offices, he has it 3 quarters filled with only quarters. It's our run away money:) I'm not sure if we'll be running away from each other or not, hahaha:)
  • Not large at all.
  • I keep all my change out of my dollar bills I break. I got $60 cents back last night. This weekend, I will spend $4.00 on laundry.. SO.. my collection is like everything else. less coming in and more going out
  • Back in 2001, I had a collection up to around $400, in addition to spare change, I would actualy go out and purchase extra rolls of coins to add to it. Then I went though some lean times and had to cash in my change collection/ emergency fund. I started collecting again in 2003, but it has grown at a much slower rate. Not only because I wasn't purchasing extra money too add, but because so much more of my spending has been with a debit card rather than cash. It has become an annual tradition to tally it up, and the last total was $237.
  • Nonexistent. I cashed in all my change when I was between jobs!!!
  • I'm starting to get paranoid about keeping the $250 collection at home. It would be easy (though heavy) money for a burglar. To think about losing five years worth of spare change and 'lucky' coins found scattered on the ground. I feel as though I should cash it in and throw it into my savings account, but then I fear it could be too easily spent. Besides, it might make for a good emergency fund in case of some disaster with no access to banks.
  • very small as i use my change right out of the leather change pouch
  • 5-9-2017 I have exactly $300.00 in pennies. Those are 95% copper pennies. The value fluctuates as the price of copper goes up and down. I probably will not live long enough to sell them, mainly because I can't lift them. 30,000 x 3.1 grams = 93 kilograms x 2.2 lbs = 204.6 lbs x $2.49/lb = $509.45 Copper has been as high as $4 a pound, so I would not be willing to sell for any less than that amount.
  • I don't collect it, I donate it.

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