• Pretty much every day....I have tomatoes growing like crazy and a bunch of squash that are nearly ripe.
  • Not as much as I'd like to be. I love to plant flowers and stuff, but I just don't have much time during the day right now.
  • Never, because we don't have a garden. I do take a look at the gardens of other people. I love looking at their beautiful plants and flowers. It's therapeutic :)
  • Only when planes fly overhead ... just to throw a tarp over it..
  • Every other day, just to water the trees and flowers, and admire their beauty and get away from the stress of everyday worklife. The pic shows me with the tree I planted with my daughter, two years ago, when she was only five years-old. It's a larch tree, and the emerald green needles turn a lovely golden yellow in the fall and drop off.
  • Every day and every night ~ regardless of the weather :)

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