• Suing a contractor for what? If you are suing for breach of contract, then 2-4 years from the breach depending on if it was a written or oral contract. If you are suing for a tort related to the work, then 1-4 years (depending on jurisdiction) from the harm.
  • This is not too clear cut. If you are in the USA, contact your county attorney's office or look up the statutes online. Some "crimes" (civil offenses) are limited to 7 years from commission and others to 7 years from discovery. If you have a law library in your area, ask for general advice and help finding the statute. Law librarians are usually not attorneys and can't counsel you, but they know a lot about the law and can point you in the right direction. If you have been damaged, you have a right to compensation. You may also find that this contractor has done similar to others. If so, you have reason to take steps that will stop him. I'm currently dealing with a similar problem and am finding that the at-fault party's misdeeds go much deeper than my case. Best wishes

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