• Green Chile 1/4 lb. Pork or Beef (1/4 " cubed) 1 Tbsp. Shortening 1 Tbsp. Flour 1 1.2 cups Water 14 oz. Frozen chopped Green or Red Chile 1 tsp. Salt Pinch Oregano 1 Clove Garlic crushed 9or 1/4 tsp. Garlic Powder) Melt shortening in hot sauce pan. Add meat and flour. Brown. Add water, chile and spices. Bring to boil then simmer for 15 minutes. Suggested use: over chicken enchiladas, burritos, rellenos and huevos rancheros.
  • Cold Chile Rellenos 8 Roasted and Peeled chilies, deseeded & deveined 1/3 cup vinegar (apple cider maybe?) 2/3 cup oil 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1 tsp dried oregano, preferably Mexican 1 6 1/2 oz can tuna 1/2 cup green or red bell pepper, finely diced 4 Tbsp Mayo 1 cup sour cream Lettuce leaves for serving Make marinade of vinegar, oil, salt, pepper & oregano & marinate chilies at least one hour. Drain tuna and mix with bell pepper & mayo (I think a little cilantro, a very little minced onion and lime juice would be good too). Drain chilies and stuff with tuna mixture. Serve on lettuce leaves with a dollop of sour cream on each.
  • Chili con queso. Roast and peel the chilis, cut them into strips. Cook an entire onion also cut into strips until very soft and tender, add in a clove or two of crushed garlic and the chili strips, cook them all together until all is soft and tender then add in a pound or so of your favorite melting cheese. I recommend jack or Oaxaca style cheese. Serve it hot as a dip for chips, or make some tacos out of it. It's good stuff. Don't forget to season with s&p.

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