• Some are worse than others man
  • Probably not to healthy. Haha! You enjoy talking about Uranus. Haha!
  • Why don't you take a whiff and tell me.
  • Breathe it in, and its instant death. The Methane surrounding Uranus is not to be taken lightly. * EDIT * Here is an interesting link. It explains 'Common Symptoms of Methane Gas Poisoning' But remember, there is a lot less Methane here, on Earth, than there is on Uranus. By itself, methane is not toxic. It is extremely flammable and will cause an explosion; it will also kill you by asphyxiation if it leaks into an enclosed space and deprives you of oxygen. But methane only becomes poisonous when it forms part of another gas and is subject to certain circumstances. The bad news is that this happens quite often. How Are People Exposed to Methane Gas? Exposure to pure methane is by breathing, drinking, eating and touching, and many of us will have experienced all four. 1. Inhalation We may have breathed the gas when it has entered a building or home by issuing from a crack in the foundation or via a sewer trap. Or we may have unwittingly inhaled methane when we passed close by a septic tank, sewer, manhole or farm waste pit. 2. Ingestion It is possible but doubtful that you have drunk a glass of water contaminated with methane. Methane created naturally underground can certainly make its way through the soil and into a water reservoir or lake, but even if this happens, the gas tends to evaporate quickly. Similarly, a young child may eat dirt that has traces of methane. But the levels of exposure are low and there are no known effects on the body. 3. Touch As for touching, methane gas has trouble passing through the skin, so you are unlikely to absorb it. But if methane does enter your system, by whatever means, your body will remove it swiftly through your breath, blood and urine. And medical research on the issue shows that even after years of exposure to methane, our reproductive and internal organs remain unaffected.
  • My family tell me it's lethal. LOL
  • Breathe enough of it and it'll kill you. How's that for unhealthy?

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