• because anything will look good in comparison to the current situation. Change is good, and i think it will be refreshing to the nation, giving them back an international identity that was squandered foolishly over lies.
  • He demonstrates all kinds of personal integrity (as well as having important principles which are relevant to governing the country). For example, when asked for his opinion on Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter being pregnant he indicated that the candidates' families were off-limits...especailly the children. and would not give an opinion. Good for him! What class!
  • I don't know whether he would be a good president. But from an outsider's perspective, he does have a lot going for him. He is charismatic, articulate, intelligent - three qualities not shared by the present one - and he has a statesmanlike bearing. I think he would certainly improve the image of America abroad, and if he has wisdom to go with his other qualities, I feel he has the potential to be a great president.
  • No. He seems too sensitive and takes stuff too personally. That thing about the tire pressure demonstrates much about his way of thinking. Oh, and he had every right to be able to finish his waffle in peace.
  • Obama is no different from Bush, and won't be a good president.. DR away...
  • I think that we've have 8 years of brash tactics. We are due for a diplomat. I think Obama has the charism and intelligence to be able to make a huge change. He may not be able to get our troops out of Iraq as quickly as he'd like, but I think he would be able to get the process turned in that direction.
  • Excellent question!! Anyone on the fence should watch this question closely to so see if those who want Mr. Obama as President can articulate any truly intelligent reasons for electing him. Personally, I don't believe charisma and an ability to give a good speech are adequate reasons for electing a President. I look to an individuals core belief system and voting record as an indication as to future performance. I'll be honest, I'm less than impressed with either candidate.
  • well first of all what gives any one the right 2 say george bush wasnt a good president?? i mean come on, can you do better?? and plus he had 2 go through 9/11, this war, alot of what hes gone through as president would be hard on any president! think about it man, you cant say hes been a bad president, no one can. sorry i know this is nothing 2 do with the question you asked but im tired of people calling bush a bad president.
  • I don't. I agree with you, Sock Puppet - he's all about image, and I see no substance. I also agree that Bush is a helluva strong man, especially compared to this guy.
  • I don't know, I thought that was pretty much the only thing he had going for him- seeing as how everyone blames Bush for everything. I don't think Obama would be a good president, therefore I won't be voting for him.
  • until I heard about McCains record of not playing the game with other politicians and pallins record of cleaning house and telling her own party to kiss off I wanted obama to win so the demworshipers would have a chance to realise that the democratic party is every bit the traitors to the people as the republicans. they are in bed together and present a divided front to make us believe we have a "choice" while they have stolen the government from the people and given it to their lobyists. maybe then we could evict the republicratic party and fix the aristocracy they created. but now I think McCain/Pallin might actualy benefit america.
  • Heres a list of reasons i think he would be good: 1) His personality is attractive. This especially would help our image internationally. 2) He has a good back story (so does McCain). He grew up poor, without his father, and worked hard to become the first black presidential nominee, a senator, and an intelligent person. 3) His policies are more in tune (I think, anyways, since im liberal) with the American people: tax the rich, tax cuts for the poor, start pulling out of Iraq, putting money into new technologies for energy and funding more energy plants (nuclear too). 4) Joe Biden as a nominee is strong. His foreign policy experience is unmatched and he knows his stuff. Plus, he rides the train home from Washington every day to see his family here in Delaware! 5) He's a good orator, I generally get the sense he is speaking from the heart (he writes most of his own speeches), with alot of emotion and appropriate tone.
  • I don't!
  • I don't. I wish Ralph Nader could get into office.
  • Because he's so very different than all the other presidents we've ever had. he NEEDS to be president, so this country can have some hope.
  • I don't know if he will be a good President but I'm afraid of McCain and if his running mate had not have changed (caught?) she would still be a pork barrel person. We really don't have much to vote for, just what a person thinks is the lesser of two evils.
  • He's also not McCain, not Giuliani, and (especially) not Romney. Until the U.S. moves out of the extremely exclusionary election system it has now, I doubt we'll ever see a candidate I'd consider electable based on who they are, rather than who they aren't. For now though, since "None of The Above" isn't an option on ballots, my loyalty goes out to Obama as a form of damage control.
  • I don't think he will at all. For one thing, he's already endorsed the (illegal) threatening of Iran with violence, and he's also threatened to invade Pakistan. If he gets in, more people will be killed.
  • Have you ever been involved with a business that encouraged you to listen to motivational speakers. Motivational speakers encourage people in such a way that they learn to look past negativity and seeming obstacles. They teach people the power of working together toward a common goal. And, those people who master the principles of overcoming obstacles and working with others to achieve a common goal achieve phenomenal success. Senator Obama has the ability to motivate people to help each other make the United States a great country. His success (and OURS) is threatened by the number of negative people in the United States that kill the hope of those who aspire to do great things. These are people intent on doing the same things that have failed to work in the past. They fear moving out of their comfort zones. They fear taking a chance. They're afraid of what "people will say". They're afraid to be wrong. They'll endure ANYTHING, but they won't summon the courage to face that fear and risk trying something NEW. Senator Obama is right. It's not about HIM. It's about whether Americans are ready to do what it takes to achieve greatness, or... ...taking the more comfortable route of depending on a politician to do great things FOR us. Everyone knows, of course, that the longer you wait for someone else to do it, the longer it takes to get done.
  • Ok, so Obama isn't in office yet, but he's already had more press conferences than Bush seems to have had in his first six months AS president. He's not on the payroll (crap, he just quit his old job), but he seems like he's busting his ass trying to make sure he does a good job once he's actually started the job. What's going to make him a good president is that he's smart and he really WANTS to be a good president. And the biggest difference between him and W is that Barack honestly seems to care.

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