• I don't see why not! :) I think skinny jeans can look good, no matter you're height.
  • Well... Im short (5'3) and I wear skinny jeans, and I think they look good. I think it more about body shape than height with skinny jeans. Cause skinny jeans are so tight all the way down, I don't think they are very flatering on women with big hips or bottoms as it just makes those area look bigger.
  • short people can wear anything they like!
  • im 5ft foot and i wear skinny jeans all the time why wouldnt i wear skinny jeans?
  • If they want to.
  • only if they want to, i never wear them and im short
  • I would think skinny jeans would make you look taller. So I guess if that's what you want.
  • I'm short and for my shape skinny jeans look bad. I have curvy hips and big feet so I end up with a 'horse leg' situation- haha. I like flared curvy jeans. I imagine skinny jeans look best on us shorties that are fine boned and petite with small or average feet. But, it's all just a matter of personal taste, right?

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