• i'm an atheist and hearing prayer doesnt scare me. infact i seen this video on youtube and found it beautiful. i find religion itself scary, the amount of people who have died because of religion, it really is scary. when i say religion i ofcourse mean all religions.
  • No, it doesn't scare me. When I was in Sarajevo I thought the call to prayer coming from all the different mosques was quite beautiful. If a person was scared of the things you mention in this question, then they would also be scared of any person speaking Arabic which seems kind of strange. After all, how would a non-Arabic speaker distinguish the difference? Could you imagine if someone ran frightened every time you spoke English? Crazy!
  • Only if it is this guy. Other then that no.
  • No. I'm an atheist (raised as a Christian), and I spent time in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the calls from the mosque can wake one up at dawn, even in a well-insulated hotel room. It's not upsetting in the least. What can be upsetting is the way that even the Indonesian people, who are among the politest and most pleasant on Earth, can be raised to a fury by those with an intent and an agenda to do that, however. And the fact that that is done in the name of religion is upsetting, but the religion itself and its practice is not an issue.
  • Absolutely not. I had once considered converting, but it didn't suit my spiritual needs.
  • It doesn't scare me. But it disturbs and wakes me up from deep sleep in the mornings and afternoons. If only they could do it the old way without tying up loud speakers on the minarets of the mosques!
  • No, not at all - I think it has a sort of musical quality to it. (However, based on several holidays in the Middle East and North Africa, many of the calls to prayer these days, certainly in the big cities like Cairo, are tape-recorded, which seems a bit like cheating to me.)
  • Not understanding something is fearful to lotsa folks, no? ;-)
  • That doesn't scare me, but when someone tells me they see two muslims at the gas station kneeling on the ground on a carpet praying...that kind of scares me.
  • No, these do not scare me. The call to prayer is actually quite beautiful. In the same way, I hope church bells calling Catholics to Mass does not scare people. With love in Christ.
  • Not scary but but most annoying...
  • I find it beautiful at times.

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