• you could wait to only have sex with your husband. you could have sex with only small penises. you could get married soon.
  • you can pretend for pain after marraige WHEN AT BED WITH YOUR HUSBAND
  • If you have not delivered a baby, a man can tell no difference if you just pretend to have a little pain when he first enters you. Tell him, only if he askes, that you have been using tampons for several years. What you did before him is none of his business unless he was supporting you all that time before.
  • i am 23 year old and i am unmarrid i didnot sex with any one and my vagina did not discharge i am worry what hapend with me lease answar me what the problem
  • If you're REALLY concerned about his reaction: Two things. "Virginity Repair Operation"'virginity+fix'+NHS+operations+in+Muslim-driven+trend/ And Vaginal toning exercises.
  • No, that is a myth. Our vaginas are very tensile to begin with and expand and contract naturally during sex or even when we are not having sex. If you are healthy and in good physical condition even after having a baby your vagina will return to its former state. Many of us practice Kegel squeezing exercises to help that. Goodness I was much "looser" when I was your age than I am now years later.
  • Don't worry about it. Have sex when you want it. When you settle down nobody knows how many partners you've had just from your vagina. The most a guy can tell is whether or not you're a virgin.
    • Victorine
      No, men can't even tell that, not form the condition of the vagina. Most women don't have thick hymens, and they don't bleed.
  • Sex does not cause your vagina to become "loose". You may be referring to a hymen, which some virgins still have, though others do not. A lot of virgins actually don't have one, because they can be broken in childhood through normal activity without a girl's even realizing it. So, your future husband will not be able to tell whether you are a virgin or not. Pregnancy and childbirth can "stretch" the vagina, but not sex. Vaginas are very elastic. Sex doesn't change them.
  • In the USA there is a thing known as being a born again virgin, which usually meant for a woman to not have sex for 2 years if not more. Though it is a misnomer, there is some relevance to it. But only some. Depending on where you live, most women are expected to be devirginized some time around 16 to 21 anymore. A virgin for longer after that almost always means there is something wrong with the head of the person, man or woman.

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