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  • It depends..some people think that putting tampons in is losing your virginity..or the hymen breaking, so i guess its really up to you both, what you class as that..but i would suggest you do use a condom to avoid pregnancy..unless she is on some sort of contreception..
  • losing your virginity is having sexual intercourse for the first time...not necessarily breaking the hymen these days, as many young women do a lot of physical activity/sports etc that do cause the hymen to break prior to sexual intercourse. Yes, a girl can lose her virginity with a condom on, and I would recommend that if you are scared of getting her pregnant. Perhaps she could also see about oral contraception...just in case! cheers.
  • "Disvirginized?!" Or impregnated? Nevermind. The answer is yes to both.
  • what kind of stupid question is that?! of course she can! she WILL! losing virginity is usually considered as the penetration of the vagina. if youve had sex before how could you not know that? fool. if you're that worried about getting her pregnant you mmight not be able to perform anyway. a condom works 98% of the time. if you're still stressed ask her to take the pill or something.
  • Hell Ya you should devirginize her with a condom on!! It worked for me and my best friend! Don't take the chance of making a baby you can't care for!

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