• What kind of bass? Fishing is 90 per cent luck and 10 per cent skill. Gain as much luck as you can muster you will need it. Mr Bill
  • dont believe it. skill is at least eighty percent. a bass boat is a help. the or not. the rod...a spinning rod or not. you dont need much. just being on the water is the biggest part. knowing where the fish are is part of the skill. you could ask. you could get a radar fish finder. maybe you will need a fishing license, too. oh, and a radio to listen to the baseball game. and some cold beverages. sunscreen, bug repellant, life jacket, etc etc etc.
  • Earthworms and a murky lake. I caught a 5 lb large mouth bass last summer off a boat using live earthworms... you dont need that much skill. just read up on what times of day they bite and ur good to go!
  • A utility belt.

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