• I believe kill and be killed with a few exceptions. which are you killed in self defense of your life or someone elses ie) you killed a child rapist, murderer, or you killed in domestic violence situation to keep from being killed (I think people who kill child molesters should get a reward but that's a different topic). I am really sick of hearing about "cruel and unusual punishment". these people brutually rape, murder, burn, decapitate, stab, shoot, etc their victims without 1 single second of thought to the pain they are causing them or their families. they don't think about the fact that some kid will grow up without a parent or a sibling or a spouse. They don't consider the next 60 years of tears and heartache that family will go thru everytime they visit that grave site. Do I care that they get cruel and unusual punishment.. HELL NO. It's bad enough that they spend 20-25 years in jail getting free healthcare that non criminals can't afford, food, have big screen tv's , game rooms (which we don't have) and some even get their college degrees in prison (which US citizens can't afford to get) and I am supposed to feel bad because they think they are being cruel and unusually punished ..let me get my tissue.. boo hoo hoo. If it were up to me, I would bring back the firing squad and they would be carried out of the courtroom and straight to the line..bam bam bam.. problem solved. Think of what we could do with all that tax payer money saved. So no I don't care how much they suffer. I think we should do to them exactly what they did to the victims..slow painful and torturous.
  • I would say it is not a legitimate or moral punishment in the modern world.Most countries in the west forbid it,and it shows the proper compassion of those countries.With an Eye for an Eye punishment most of the world would be blind.The Eye for an Eye thinking is a distortion of sensible thinking.The executioners are just as guilty as the criminal.
  • Death is neither cruel nor unusual. It is a part of life. As for using it as a punishment, I can not see it as a punishment. It is more a way to save us from someone who would undoubtedly cause further harm to us and society if they were to remain alive.
  • I believe it is NOT in any way a violation.All those against this penalty,would be singing a different tune if their spouses,sons and/or daughters were victims of heinous crimes such as the ones that bring to light these questions.If guilty as charged for any crime deserving of this proceeding (BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF ANY DOUBT) Send the convicted (and now damned) to his/her awaiting demise.I if were in the situation aforementioned,I would expect,and ask for nothing less. Too many are set free only to re-offend.Tax dollars spent caring for those who cared less for their victims,DO NOT DESERVE THE LUXURY incarceration will bring them.Lastly,if anyone has trouble with stepping up to execute a PROVEN CONVICTED CRIMINAL.Please accept my invition to be the one who sends him/her straight to hell.I would GLADLY take on the position.
  • Death Penalty is ridiculous. I don't think anyone has the right to take anyone's life, so if a murderer is put on death row.. what's the difference between him and the government? Besides, I disagree with a lot of anti-abortionists who promote the death penalty. (Southern Politicians, you know who you are). You can't be pro-life and anti-life at the same time, get a fuckin grip, grasp the constitution and respect it.
  • Yes, it is a legitimate punishment. Cruel and unusual punishment would be a punishment out of proportion with respect to the crime committed. As long as the punishment is commensurate with the crime, then it is not a violation of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constutution. In that light, the death penalty for murder, for example, is NOT cruel and unusual punishment. However, the death penalty for, say, simple assault would be cruel and unusual punishment.

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