• There might be sign ordinances you would have to comply with, but if the wording uses words like "alleged" and "charged" it should be legal. If I was you, I would try word of mouth, rather than signs, or maybe personal letters mailed to neighbors, being careful to say "alleged" or pending trial, or whatever.
  • He hasn't been convicted yet! You could get hit with a law suit; Deprivation of Character Freedom of speech is talking, your talking in writing!!!!!!!!
  • Wait until he is convicted if you really want to do this.
  • I agree with yarnlady. Doing so at this point might open you up to civil action regardless of the outcome of their criminal trial, even if you DO include "alleged" though. Add in the fact that going off half-cocked makes you look like a lunatic anyways and I think you might want to at least tread carefully... unless you WANT to start a witch-hunt. Imagine this scenario; someone reads your sign and does something stupid. It turns out that he is (not just found; IS) innocent. Would you be happy with yourself?
  • Warning: There is a person who lives in this neighborhood, who has been arrested for Electronic Solicitation or Luring of Children.

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