• From "Mo Cheese, a.k.a. Scott Stebbins, 38, a fertilizer salesman by day, rode in that parade on the Miller Brewing Company float, wearing his signature Wings jersey with the name Mo Cheese (from a Three Stooges line) on the back. He also wore his Stanley Cup hat, a nearly three-foot Styrofoam replica of hockey s most treasured prize. A regular attraction at Red Wings home games and a celebrity of Joe Louis Arena, Stebbins says the parade "was like nothing I'll ever experience again." But the moment when Red Wings Captain Steve Yzerman received the Stanley Cup on the ice after game four causes him to swell with pride. "I still get goose bumps when I think about it," Stebbins says." Hope this helps!
  • Here is two forum threads on Mo Cheese, and what he does. I haven't located any pictures yet.
  • Some additional facts I've been able to scrape up. Mo Cheese is a Red Wings fan who goes to most home games and dances to the 'Curly Shuffle' during breaks. It started during the playoffs one year, and the TV cameras saw him. After that it he turned into a mascot of sorts for the Red Wings. Also, he got his name from a line from a 3 Stooges movie.
  • one of the greatest wings fans
  • Mo Cheese has been the "unofficial" mascot of the Red Wings since 1996.
  • Mo Cheese is my best friend. I can tell you anything you want to know.

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