• I would say that my wife is almost the antithesis of my mother. That probably has some deep psycholgical meaning too, but I don't care to know what it is.
  • I have a fiancee that is almost similar to my dad. For my family we usually marry someone like our mother or father. No wonder the adults are so unhappy. My fiancee by far has his build, almost similar schedule too. Hes military also,
  • I have a sister who is married and her husband is so much like my dad it's actually really weird. I think that if you have a good relationship with your dad (mommies boy, daddies girl type of thing) then you end up going for someone similar to your mom or dad. Mom if guy. Dad if girl.
  • I think my hubby has many of the qualities that I liked in my dad, and my mom actually. I find I'm more like my dad in personality and perspective. (thankfully not in appearance *lol*) Ironically, my sister married someone with many of my personality traits, and I married someone with many of my sister personality traits. And my sister and I drive eachother a little crazy. We learned to live with eachother and enjoy eachother which has helped in our marriage. So maybe you marry someone you have to adjust the least to. :)
  • actually I think my wife is more like my dad. He is a chemist, and my wife is a chemist teacher so they have many similar personality traits. Oddly, I am more like my mom, who was an english major in college, so we are kind of flipped from my parents relationship.
  • I married a man who is 24 years older than me! This is almost the same number of years between my mom and my older dad. He is very similar to my father in that he somehow mixes the characteristics of kindness and no-nonsense. On the insides they are very different, both very good men. But people who don't know them might wonder why I would think that since they are racially different, come from very different backgrounds, and one is fat and the other fit. _______________________ Edit: I realize what I meant to say is that they are very different on the OUTsides.
  • I ended up marrying someone more like my mother, even though I am female. They say sometimes people do this to try to work out unresolved issues from the parental relationship. My mother was somewhat hard to please earlier in her life and didn't share feelings in a way I could understand, although this changed later. I would say my now ex-husband wouldn't share feelings and would rarely give me compliments.
  • He thinks so - I don't think so.... Support the return of the avatar:
  • I'm not married yet, but dear God I hope not
  • hmm, my husband is similar to my dad i'm affraid! and i reakon he is like his mum too! he is going to freak because i said that!
  • Actually I did marry someone like my dad. They are both wonderful and caring men.
  • I wish I did, but where could I possibly find someone as great as my dad?
  • Actually my husband is nothing like my father. My father has all the book sense in the world, but not much common sense. My husband has a lot of common sense, but book smart not so much. I'm not saying he's dumb, but he never went to college and my dad is a math major and is an important department head working for the uranium plant here doing the accounting of all the uranium for the whole plant; my husband is a heavy machine operator by trade. My husband is big and brawny with a tattoo, and my dad was always lanky and doesn't care for tattoos (neither does my mom, she freaked when I got one). Both men are wonderful, caring, and loving husband's and fathers and that's just about all the similarities between them. I love them both dearly.
  • personality wise, absolutely nothing alike. but they do have very similar hobbies and addictions
  • Not really. But someone my parents certainly would have approved of when they were living. Kind of man they would have wanted me to be with when I was growing up. True both business men, both owned start-ups , both successful. My husband is more intellectual and outdoorsy, not as social as my dad was.

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