• If you have a warranty book you should read it. Also, I would go talk to a dealer. That's the only way to tell for sure.
  • KIA is very nasty regarding warranty and buying the vehicle as "used". The 100,000 only covers engine/trans and even then if the required check ups were not completed, it voids the warranty. Also the warranty started the day it was first purchased by the 1st buyer. Kia sticks to the 5 year or 60,000. Whichever one you hit first kills the warranty. Had a Sedona I bought from a dealer which had been used as a Demo. I was 5 days over the 5 years but 18,000 miles under and they wouldn't cover the repair.Have a KIA dealer run the vin # for the vehicle's repair history. Hopefully all the alotted checks/repairs were completed

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