• Even if they don't, you can find programs that will convert the file into a format readable by the iPod.
  • Give Media Coder a try. It's free.
  • Nope, unfortunately! But you can find many free and quality video converters via Google. I have a Mac, and I stick by iSquint. Definitely download this if you're on a Mac, very simple and the fastest I know ;)
  • Ipod only support mp4 and H2.64, so if the video is not the format, you must use a third part software to convert. I always use Cucusoft DVD to iPod Video Suite to convert DVD and limewire, youtube videos to ipod, It’s really helpful. You can free download and try it. You can search it at:
  • Not directly, but it's easy to find freeware converstion software that will convert your avis into a format that iPods can play. iTunes itself can even convert some types of avi. I reccommend Videora iPod Converter. I've found it capable of turning any video I want into an iPod video.

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