• I think commitment is a freedom, that you have someone to share your life with, and not just a little while.
  • At 28, your man still is actually 21 years old as maturity level goes. This is the age that most guys start to want to think about settling down. The reason guys are scared of commitment is because we lose our freedom. When we are single and independent, we can go anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Sometimes me and a couple of buddies just get together, for no planned reason, and get in a car and go. We have no idea where were going, usually a casino and then a strip club if we win big, but it's fun. We can't do that kind of stuff anymore when were in a committed relationship.
  • I think your actions will be the easiest way. Show him how you feel... Don't be clingy, give him space. This is what is really hard for me bc I want to be with my guy so often. But in the end they respect you for it and find it incredibly sexy of you. If they can't get enough of you, then they will want to commit...
  • A man gets told almost every day of his life that he is not good enough to earn anybody's companionship. It is actually somewhat unusual for a man to learn acceptable social skills that way. The female of the species will not forgive a man for not having perfect social skills. If he has any problem, she wants him to get lost and come back when he doesn't have one.

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