• Awfully close is probably a good description. I'd keep a careful eye on that situation;)
  • My boyfriend does the exact same thing. I can't stand it sometimes, but he's thirty years-old. Before I met him six months ago, he had never driven before. I finally took him to get his driver's license last week. He's really childlike, extra-sensitive, he asked me to promise to never leave him, he's cried in front of me, he fell in love with me really fast, I hardly have anything in common with him, he likes to sit at home and watch reruns of Gomer Pyle, Tom & Jerry, and The Untouchables over and over again, and he watches wrestling DVD's relentlessly. He doesn't watch anything else other than that. He works full-time and he likes going to movies, but he bores the fukk out of me. We don't talk much at all - in person or over the phone. All you hear between us is dead silence. Its really frustrating. He talks like an innocent child - very much like the soft innocently voiced Michael Jackson. I try to tell him how I feel, but I withdraw, because his feelings are EASILY hurt. He actually goes home and cries about things that I have brought in the very few conversations that we have had. I can't really say that I love him, because it seems pedophilic. I'm not attracted to men who act like a small child, I'm attracted to MEN. The kind of men who challenge me, and whom I can have a sexual attraction to. I want to end it, but I'm just so confused - what I don't want to do is hurt him because he is really sweet. And considering that his last girlfriend cheated on him and spent all of his money, and it left him destroyed and very depressed for months, I just don't know what to do. I'm not a happy woman.
  • He sounds like a sweet guy... give him a break... there is nothing wrong with a guy that loves his mom... hes just sensitive. You dont know how lucky you are... im sure you can find a guy that doesn't care and is rude if thats what ur into... but my advise is appreciate what you have because you wont find another guy as sweet...

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