• Try this: . Or if you know which provider it is, just go to one of these websites:
  • The easiest way (in Canada anyway) is to go to a cell provider's web site and send a text message from the site. You typically pick the web site of the provider of the person you want to message. The advantage of doing this (again - Canada only - our pricing structure sucks) is that you skip the cost of paying to send a message (receiving a message is free).
  • There are several ways you can do this: You can send text messages from most cell carrier websites, such as You can also send email from your computer to a cellphone number, and it will come through as a text. (For verizon, you add to the end of the phone number and send as an email). You can send texts through IM services like AIM or Yahoo Messenger. There are also websites like that let you send texts through them.
  • I have Yahoo and tried to send a text message to a T-Mobile phone and it did not work. Should it have?
  • I am trying to send this text message from the computer. Let me know if you get it
  • I put my email address on my phone and then was able to send text massages to my email on my computer I can reply to my texts too. After I added the text message email address to my email I can now send from my computer to my phone.
  • I have no knowledge about texting a phone from a computer but what I would do if I needed to transfer text or images from my laptop to my phone is either use Microsoft OneNote (You can also use Evernote) or email the content to myself and open the email via my phone. I phrase this hypothetically because I've never actually needed to do it but rather the reverse.

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