• I feel they should stay for sage congrats and higher as far as level advancements go since this is part of the system here and they are indelibly part of Answerbag as well as other notable events. They can be a point fiesta for many but I suppose this is part of the culture of this site and we must just deal with this unavoidable fact. I do agree, they do make you feel special and that's what being part of a communal site such as this is all about anyway.
  • If the friend is the one asking a congrats question, for reaching certain levels on here, they are not doing it for points, they are doing it for their friend. It is the ones who ask and arent their friends, that are point whores. I wish I could transfer my points to my friend, when I congratulate them. I have even suggested that.
  • If congrats questions are used sparingly, they should stay. There is a wide range of opinions on which are appropriate and which are not. See Rule of thumb is to congratulate for every new rank achieved beginning at Sage (level 50). Weddings, birthdays, births, and other life events are also acceptable as congrats questions.
  • i dont have a problem with them at all and think they should stay.
  • I do it because it feels good when someone asks a congratulations question for me, and people answer. They should stay.
  • I have no problem with the Congratulations questions, as long as they are for the higher levels. I actually enjoy congratulating fellower AB'ers who reach higher ranks. I don't care for the ones who are asking for congratulations for themselves -- that seems a little self absorbed to me.
  • I think they should go ~ that reaching the level, and the extra privileges should be enough.
  • I like the feel good part of congrats questions from both sides. I like to congratulate those who have helped make the site more enjoyable for me, and I like the feeling when others do for me. It don't think I would feel differently if there were no points involved, it is just a lot of fun. After all, I make hundreds of comments every day for zero points at all. It is a nice part of AB.

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