• NEVER, you're too good for that! I'll always think highly of you no matter what your ratings are. :)
  • Not at all :)
  • Stay at 100, keep your class, I learned too late. Not too late for you. Downrating, even for the right reason gains you nothing.
  • According to your profile, you've been at AB five months and you're already a Guru with a 100% + rating. There's also a comment about "all good things come from love." Personally, I don't think you'd be able to sleep at night, if you changed. Take your frustrations out on "moderation", where it can do some good. Anyway, the answer to your question, knowing what I know now, is "no, I wouldn't think less of you."
  • No I won't. If you had a + rating of say 50/75 % only I'd wonder about it though.
  • No, Sixty B. You're one of the nicest people on AB. But don't lose your 100%. Instead of DRing those, flag them, or uprate all the good answers, leaving them alone. It keeps your 100%, and technically, you DID DR them by NOT GIVING them the pluses, right?
  • From what I've read from you sofar Sixty B. I don't believe you would down rate someone without a good reason. Your a Wonderful person here on AB & I don't think you'll change. Just take Big Daddy's advice and all will turn out better in the long run........Take care my FRIEND.........:):):)...........M.C.S.
  • Of course have to do what you think is right for you, Sixty B. I personally don't believe in downrating because it doesn't stop the jerks from asking the offensive sort of juices them up because you're giving them what they desperately seek, which is attention. But that's just my take on it. Happy Sunday! :) ((hugs))
  • No. I've also been thinking lately about letting go of my 100% + ratings given. Sometimes I think it's easier to just downrate bad things compared to reporting them or flagging them. Also, even with my percentage, I have not escaped accusations of trolling some users. It's all up to you. The downrate button is there, and we can use them. Some people have downrated perfectly valid questions and answers out of spite and never felt guilty about doing it. Why would I think less of your for downrating stuff that was hateful, hurtful, or just downright mean?
  • No. I still think the minus option is there for a reason. I use it very sparingly (I have 99% btw).
  • Not at all, you have a great reputation as an ABer. I would think less of you if you resorted to being mean, hateful, or hurtful. Don't see that happening though :)
  • No, not at all. I can't NOT DR someone who is being downright mean/offensive/abusive/inflammatory. It sickens me how cowardly someone can be behind the "safety" of their computer screen. Makes me wonder how vicious they are to people face to face. Lord knows I've been attacked plenty of times by vicious haters here, and on Y/A. My + ratings are at 96%, and I don't think that's really that shabby!
  • No I would never think that. I have yet to downrate..but sometimes it does get very tempting:)
  • The only time I comment on another's ratings is when I see people insulting others for the very same thing they do themselves. I also will point it out if someone is being nasty to others a lot to point out their intolerance of diversity. I have downrated over cruel posts and things that are just sick to me. So, I guess I would have nothing to say to you because I have done it as well.
  • No but why down rate them when those type should just be flagged and removed? But no I would not think less of you at all.
  • Nope. That is what it's there for, to use on things that aren't in anyway helpful. If they are really bad, there is always the flagging option so be sure to use that first and save your DRing power for things that really matter. And if you have given MANY points to people, remember that you can DR quite a few times before it will reflect in your ratings score. So consider a few well placed ones as free...on the house:-)
  • Nope. I don't have 100%, just for that reason. I have like a 99% though.
  • I don't even look at those numbers. +6
  • no, if you feel thats what you have tod do, then thats life isnt it ! :)
  • Never!! That is not possible. You are a wonderful person and i think you should moderate to your hearts content as many of us do from time to time for the exact same reasons you've stated :)
  • Nah. I still maintain a 100% rating and I give out occasional downrates but I usually flag the hateful, hurtful Q & A as being spam / offensive.
  • I respect a person that Down Rates and is honest enough to leave a comment. Even if I do not agree with them I still respect their honesty and the things you mention are nasty anyway.

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