• cause, if we dont keep on living and functioning the way that today's society demands, we become nothing in the department of wealth and well being. we end up on the streets. and then well we end up befriending pigeons, or other people who dont function according to everyone else's rules. . . you know.
  • It beats the alternative!
  • We r nothing but toys being played by politicians. We live by our own reasons.reasons that are given to us by other human kinds. we live to earn money, we suffer cause we never have time to rest(FACTORS CREATED BY US). I believe that there's much more to life to live for, and we r missing it as each day goes by. we spend the first 20 years of our life learning math and science and by the time we r done, all the childhood energy is sucked out of our buddy, and we become shallow and dead inside. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE MEANING IS, BUT I SURE DO KNOW THAT WE R NOT ON THE RIGHT TRACK.
  • It's fun.
  • Well about 90 per cent of the brain's functions are subconscious. We are on autopilot, so to speak. We live because we do. We stop when our heart or other major organs cease. Plain as that.
  • All I can think of is we are learning specific things for the next life. I mean, I don't know if I believe there is a life after this one or not, but, that's all I can think of.
  • Cause everyone's doing it, and we want to conform to the norm.
  • Those who do it do it because they want to live, those who don't want to live kill themselves.
  • To keep the cycle of life alive.....+5 for your question.
  • Because we have nothing else better to do!
  • force of habit "the next generation"
  • The people that are worth it. && the people who rely on us.
  • Well to be honest, I get up to help others. That someone may be out there today to give wisdom to. Someone who needs a hug, an encouraging word or something that they need help with. To show them about how God really loves them. That is reason for me to get up each day.
  • I think there's several levels to this. At the most basic level, all organisms are sort of "wired for survival" by evolution. Those who *wanted to live* the most -- they succeeded and passed that trait on, if you will. At the next level up, there's the question of "ego survival". Humans strongly identify with a conceptual "self", that definition of self which lives mainly in our ideas of who we are. Correlated with that self are goals and dreams, things we want to accomplish to validate that self and protect it, etc. So the quest for fame or success or love is in this category. Above that, I would turn the question upside down a bit: when a human being is at peace with life, there's a natural kind of satisfaction to living. The moment is its own reward, and one needs no "reason to live"... the reason is right in your face most of the time: it's a rich and wonderful play to have a part in. There's beauty and humor and irony and interesting people and challenges and... well, you get the idea. Above that, the question disappears: you are life. There's no separation between subject and environment, the individual and life are inseparable partners in a dance that obscures the source of control and the destination in a whirl of color, sound, feeling, and thought. There's no "you" vs. "the world", there's only "this". This moment, this reality, visceral and detailed and integrated. In such a context, questions like this simply have no meaning.
  • it's fun (sometimes)
  • Quarterly profit margins, you fool! (Can I have your job when you get fired?)
  • We live to pay the bills and develop as individuals and societies.
  • That's completely subjective. So, why you do it is up to you.
  • We were created by God because he loves us (1 John 4:8 & Rev 4:11). He has observed us since conception (Pro 139:16). He has given us free will and the ability to reason (Deu 30:19, 20), unlike animals who act purely on instinct. God wants us to experience joy and peace, He plans on providing that for us in the future (Jer 29:11, Psa 37:11, Rev 21:4)

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