• You have been infected, the "warning" is part of the spyware. Open McAfee, and run a scan and clean. It might take a couple of tries. I would also recommend disconnecting from the world while you clean the computer, as the infection might try and bring in some of it's buddies.
  • run a scan quick.
  • It sounds like that popup is spyware in itself. Download a free antispyware software like AdAware from Lavasoft...
  • This happened to me a while back. I had a backdoor trojen. I ran the mcafee, it isolated and deleted the trojen. I continued to get the messages and a few vulgar pop ups, but I just ignored them - don't click on them or anything. Mine timed out after a week or two of pissing me off
  • Batten down the hatches, do a serious housecleaning, and get rid of your infection.
  • Well McAfee really only does well on virus not much on spyware, thats one reason this type of thing happens so often. You can try and make sure its updated as they said and then turn off interent and run scans and hope you got it,and as jerv said housekeeping, disc clean, reset msconfig as spyware hides there too,registry error program. But what I really would tell you is dump McAfee and try something else if your still having problems.

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