• If I had a million dollars clear after taxes I would move back to Western Colorado. I would buy a small home paying cash for it. buy a Jeep and a small boat and motor on a trailer. I would use the rest to live on for food and trips to enjoy the remainder of my life, I am 80 years old. When I die the remainder would go to my daughter.
  • A million bucks doesn't go far these days.
  • I earned millions from being an actress and a model. I was [aid $10,000,000 for posing for 25 photo books around the world. I can live where I like. I have lived in Japan and the USA for some years. I have a daughter, and I can easily pay for her college education.
    • B.H. Wilson
      So, where do we see the mighty Reisan's photo books?
  • Pay off my house,do some hiring for repairs around it,and pay bills. Eating healthier is not a bad thought either.
  • 100K of it to a low interest micro-lending credit union to help those with the least get their small business going. Then, I would build a "Zero Energy Building" that would be my home workshop and education center. Also known as ZNE Zero Net Energy building, that would produce all of its energy needs from renewables,particularly active and passive solar. .......................................................................Then I'd throw a big party!
    • B.H. Wilson
      There is something about costly solar cells that I find to really suck ----------- they only have about 8 years before they start to lose effectiveness.
    • Roaring
      Been studying solar energy for 30+ years and installed two small systems. Here's a good article that. from my experience is accurate in its data of efficiency loss over time which is much higher than you assume. 20+ years is common.
  • Spend it. Money is only paper if you don't spend it.
  • Buy a nice house with good farm land so i could sell at farmers markets.I don't think a million dollars is enough money to live on forever :(. It is enough to start a business.I would also go on vacation maybe japan.

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