• put it somewhere hot over nite then try
  • I left mine in the washer, and it destroyed it.
  • No joke, this happened to my friend JUST last week. He dropped it in a lake and he did this and it worked out fine. (It kept vibrating too! Like the whole time) Anyways, get a bottle of alcohol, (like rubbing alcohol or whatever, NOT drinking alcohol), put the alcohol in a glass and set your phone in the glass. let it sit in there for a few hours, then take the phone out, take it apart, and set it in front of a fan. wait a few hours and try it! IT MAY LOOK LIKE THE ALCOHOL FURTHER DESTROYS YOUR PHONE, BUT IT DOES NOT. IT SUCKS UP THE REMAINING MOISTURE. make sure its a very high level of alcholhol
  • That happened to me. Twice :( Both of the phones died. It vibrates, and the screen goes white, yeah? Then nothing else happens. Try and save the sim, and just get a new phone.
  • I took the battery out and left both in front of a fan overnight to dry. Haven't had any problems with it since. I had a bottle of water spill on it and the water got inside the display and all over the battery, so I was surprised it didn't ruin it.
  • Make sure it dries completely before trying to turn it back on. If you try to turn it on while it is still wet inside it will fry and short out.
  • It was halfway immersed in water for about 3 seconds by the way.
  • Water and electronics don't mix. You can try to dry it out (silica gel is a good idea - alcohol can be used as a cleaner if necessary as it evaporates well) but there are no guarantees. Save the SIM, if it didn't fry at least you won't be starting from scratch.
  • Don't try to operate it with it wet, it will do permanent damage. Put it in a vacuum jar and suck all the air out. Have a 100 Watt incadescent light near it to keep it warm. The water should all evaporate and go out through the pump within 15 minutes. If the water was dirty, flush it first with clean water.
  • If you can't do the pump and light bulb trick, leave in a spot that gets sun through a window for a day or two. You should never try to operate any electric device in a wet condition. Even if it does come back to life, keep in mind, it was submerged, corrossion will eventually kill it as a result. It may last a year or two still, where it may have made it 5 before. Most people replace their phones more often than that though.
  • It may be too late for this one. Next time pull the battery out as fast as you can. Put the phone (not the battery) on a defroster vent on the dash of your car or truck. Put the heat on high for a short time then put it on medium for 20 or 39 minutes to make sure you have all the moisture out. Turn the heat down to just a little warm to cool off the phone so moisture doesn't come back as it cools too fast. I have save 5 or more cells this way.

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