• dyslexic^
  • *dyslexic You made a spelling error. =O EDIT: Or, y'know, maybe you didn't. =D
  • I'm not even going to say it. It's just too easy.
  • Get Firefox. Spellchecker included.
  • Dyslectic and lazy, what you ganna do about it? lol But really, I do wish they had one for the answer and question boxes.
  • use fire fox or safari they both have spell check and i got them both free
  • It may be, but it could also be that what you think is an incorrect spelling is perfectly valid in the writer's country of origin; some people haven't yet realised that the internet is a worldwide tool.
  • Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper? He sold hi soul to Santa.
  • I would agree that sites like this could benefit having a spell check, but this alone will not solve the problem. I really can't say that the biggest problem is laziness either. I think it is the fad of text writing that floods the internet and bleeds over to sites like these. Meaning of course spelling errors are being posted on purpose. There is only one fix that I can think of and that is to ignore bad post. One person ignoring will not do it but most ignoring will put the point across. For example if I write "Y is the dawg following u"? and no one answers, I may ask myself why? I may write ten like questions and if none are answered I may feel as if no one is liking the way I am posting my questions and if I want answers I better start asking them in a proper way. Now if I am getting answers then what incentive to I have to stop? Someone post a question complaining isn't likely going to do it because hey I am getting answers so they must have the problem not me. None of us by ourselves can solve this problem as it would take a very large group to make a change This too isn't likely to happen. To keep myself from being bothered with it I just ignore things I do not like.
  • Yes a lot of misspellings. I sometimes have to go back and correct myself.

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