• That confuses me, the troll must have taken it WAAAY out of context. I'm 21 y/o and I still (since I live under his roof still) go in and give my daddy a big hug and kiss good nite. He has given me alot to be greatful for in my life, it's natural to want close ties with your parents.
  • Because this is Ab and people down rate just because they feel like it. Join the club!
  • Sounds like you have ran into a sour puss...
  • I'm 27 and if I am leaving for a long period of time I kiss my parents goodbye. I also kiss my daughter all the time.
  • Some people may have a thing about showing other kids or even your own kids affection. Kids just know that they like to be shown affection. Kissing is a normal thing and I have even kissed neighbors daughter. It comes down to if you view this as something to fear. Some view this as a path to being a Pedaphyle. But Anything can be seen as a Pedaphyle to others. Even if there your own kids. My view is some people think you just put your kids in a box and no one touch them till they are 18 are dreaming. Remember kids just as you all need affection and if you don't show them affection at all they will become the coldest people on earth. I don't care about rates. People have there own opinion even if they don't have any facts to back it up. Just there own view on life. They don't have a PHD or any true facts just a self view. In France Kissing another person shows that your not a threat kids also see kissing as your offering to show your not a threat but that's there not hear. Still it's a good practice that should be looked at.

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