• An arm and a leg from both parents (heaven help single parents), a heapin' helpin' of sleepless nights, six months of sheer terror spread out over miscellaneous accidents, injuries and worries about 'what might have happened to your missing child', a clean house, one automobile accident per child, the sanity of both parents, and a ful head of greay hair. . I'll post anything I forgot in a comment!
  • My oldest is 11 and it has cost us out the wazoooooo. Depends on if they are healthy, if the parents are paying for their college, so many factors in this answer.
  • shit i dunno but i would say askmy parents, i just turned 22 in july... lol
  • About $12,000 a year.
  • $264,000 to raise a child for 22 years.

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