• It is because a Troll has found you and decided to focus on you for a while.
  • If you are logging off and waiting a while, you are not a departing user. Wrong category. I would like my answer to be helpful - not mean. If you are receiving negative ratings and asking for some honest, constructive feedback... perhaps I can help. I have never downrated you, just for the record. If you ask questions about blowing up dogs and rabbit cold cuts, I assure you, you are going to get negative ratings. The treatment of animals is a very sensitive, important subject. Take responsibility as an ABer. You're questions seem to stick to the homepage. I have come to know you this weekend for the first time - and I keep seeing stuff that might shock or offend other users. If you want to participate in the community and these ratings upset you, Pugsley, I urge you to take this to heart and take a new approach.
  • I ignore it, turn my ratings off, and don't whine about it in questions so that people will give me sympathy points. You can expect to get downrated for asking if you "can make a dog explode if you feed it enough soda and fizzy candy". About six months ago, I got fifteen -5s within seven minutes. This is the first time I've mentioned it on AB. You, on the other hand, seem to post a question about every downrate you receive. Everyone gets downrated now and then. Everyone gets trolled. Focus on something positive.
  • You certainly have a few minus 5s on your card but sometimes we get it much worse. It looks as if you may have upset at least one person that is beating you with a big stick but that is no reason to log off you have dozens of positive points. We all get negative points even if we do not give them .
  • Stick around Pug! Nice to have someone around to take the heat for a while. {kidding]. Don't worry about it. It happens to everyone.
  • I turn my ratings off, and keep bag even harder ... I refuse to let them win, or drive me off. Gonna check you page, and do what I can.
  • I love minus ratings just as much as I love plus ratings. To me it means that I'm striking a chord and I love it. It adds fuel to my fire. Once you get to know me on here, you'll understand what I'm talking about. I tell it like it is and I'm not trying to be an asshole, but some of these ABers can't handle the truth.
  • I love the minuses. I am an admitted narcissist and inflated ego. But trying to return to a Novice Level. Help me! Look up my questions and answers and give all the minuses you can. I really want them. I fear levels like Brain etc. I am not. Please, everyone help me. If you actually like something leave a comment though. I appreciate those. Gee, just looked at my point count and it is going up as well as my percentage of helpful answers. Please give me some negatives. I'm never going to get down to the Novice level if people keep giving me points.
  • I gotcha covered, Pug. On my way to your profile page!!! Next time you have a problem like this, just call on one of the COATS, okay? IF you haven't said something offensive, we can help you!!
  • The thing that is SO disappointing is that it is coming from a person who has been here long enough to know better. A neg 5 from someone is a pretty high up person on the AB evolutionary scale. Too bad that doesn't correlate to decency. Why not turn them in, Pug? That easily constitutes as trolling. Just go to the bottom of any page and hit "feedback" button. It will guide you from there :)
  • Don't make them the present to feel sad. That's why they downrated you with no reason after all Just accept negatives and remember that for each negative you get at least ten times positives. Besides you can always ask guys to help you.For example people with COAT in their names(like me and phillisn who answered this question).Check this. PS: You may see a row of +3 , +4 .
  • Gee, just look at the positive ratings here. Obviously the question started it all. And the best of the best on AB are gathering here!
  • No, I don't log off. I take screenshots, for souvenir purposes :) I'm not questioning how you feel. It's normal to feel sad. But I'm sure that feeling will go away, and you will come back here refreshed. Trolls are the saddest creatures on Earth. Don't let them ruin the fun for you :)
  • Dont give up Punksley...

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