• My chi has arthritis and sometimes when he's in pain, I can message his legs and it helps. I don't know if that will work or not but if she's not in obvious pain it can't hurt to try it.
  • Liquid or pill ibuprophen q 4hrs, prn. Alternate c tylenol, liquid or pill q 4hrs. prn Alternate ice pack 30min, heating pad, 30min. Since you can't really elevate, keep her off it except for bathroom runs and meals.
  • Never give human pain reliever formulated for humans to a dog. Their liver is more sensitive and only dog formulated pain reliever that should be give to them. Call your vet, or a dog hot-line. When my dog hurt his paw, we put him in his cage and only let him out on his leash, or in his play yard (six feet x six feet) to minimize his movements. By the end of the weekend, his paw recovered.
  • take her back to the vet, they probably have it open for emergencies
  • maybe you should take her back to the vet

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