• Controlled breathing..maintaining a calm and lowered rate of breathing..keeps the endorphines/adrenaline level down..they can make the hands in breathe out calm breathe in and squeeze ;)LOL
  • When you breathe slower and deeper you are able to steady yourself and slow down your heart rate. When you exhale is the perfect time to do something requiring exactness, like taking a photo without a tripod or releasing an arrow.
  • The quicker you breath the more the barrel shakes because of your chest moving. Slowing down allows you to predict the position of the sight on the target better.
  • If you don't breath you will shake. There is a correct way to breath when shooting. Try this exercise -- * Take a breathe. * Let it out. * While exhaling, notice that there is a point during exhale where you do not feel it necessary to to continue exhaling, or to start breathing in again. * Now try it again. This time when you get to that "place", stop breathing for a second or two. It's easy! That is the place in your breath cycle you want to take your shot. Since you can only hold it a second, two at most, you must time the rise and fall of the rifle, the sight alignment & picture, and the trigger squeeze to coincide with that "place". Notice that when you inhale the muzzle of the rifle drops. It rises again when you exhale. When your chest expands your shoulder rises, your forearm that supports the rifle does not move so the muzzle drops. You must time this rise and fall so that the target is sighted at that "place".
  • If you don't control your breathing your rounds will impact the target in a vertical group because your breathing controls the vertical accuracy. Trigger pull and shoulder pressure effect left and right accuracy. Along with everything that factors in as stated above.
  • It steadies the snipers nervous system and stops his or her arms from shaking as much.
  • because the gun is up against your shoulder and when you breathe in and out it goes up and down when your not breathing in and out the gun doesn't go up a down so whilst holding your breath you aim, and shoot
  • no its just fogs up his lense
  • You're supposed to breathe in hold it while you take the shot and then exhale. It helps to keep the rifle from moving with your breath

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