• I would kick myself for thinking that the key to my happiness lies in another person.
  • This actually happened to me, but it back fired. It's not a good idea to jump into a new relationship before you end and heal from the one you're in.There has to be a period of mourning or your new relationship will have problems no matter how perfect that person is for you.
  • i'd stay in the relationship because there's a thing called... COMMITMENT OY VAY!!!
  • I would not do anything.
  • if you feel that way about another person, you should really evaluate yourself. maybe you're really not ready for a committed relationship and thats fine! just dont let your current relationship deteriorate due to insecurity.
  • I would think about it very deeply see the pro's and con's of being with either person, but then I will have to decide who I love
  • If I'm already happy, then I no longer need to find more happiness. It doesn't matter who you have, you can always find someone slightly better then the person you have.
  • Things are always great when you just meet someone new..called honeymoon stage. No, i would not dump my s/o for this so called dream s/o. No, such thing....
  • If I was committed, I would have given my heart totally which means I wouldn't even see my dream partner anywhere else, I wouldn't recognize them because I have eyes and heart only for them. This doesn't mean I don't see other people walking around, but no way would i feel that connection since I'm already connected. An electrical plug can only be plugged into one receptacle.
  • In a truly "committed relationship", how could you find your "dream" person? Maybe you were looking for someone who is really the opposite of the one you are "committed" to. IDK. If these women are different in almost every way...try asking yourself why your s/o isn't your "dream" person and what attracted you to your dream-girl. Being in a "committed relationship" implies that you are WITH your dream s/o.
  • I stay in the committed relationship. No new person, no matter how exciting they may seem at the time is worth destroying a relationship that took time and effort to build. If there isn't anything really wrong with my partner then I am not about to mess things up for a little newness.
  • I'd know it's just a "grass is always greener" type of thing. My girlfriend and I have been through a lot together and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I love her... she IS my dream girl, ha!
  • Being in a committed relationship involves accepting the fact in life, your always going to come across another of the opposite sex; that might charm you or you'll have crush like feelings for em. There's always going to be attraction to others, but not in a realistic committed way. If your with someone & your happy; stay there. If you leave a steady relationship because the girl at the DQ always winks at you when you order...your a fool. Reality vs The Dream Mate isn't a good equation; try: Reality + that person who's in love with you & your feelings of amore are recipricated = Dream Mate. I'd say just accept the fact you will be attracted to others in your lifetime...but know your committed relationship is where your heart is at.
  • I would think about my current partner and any kids we have before making any decisions. This sort of thing does happen and it's real, but not enough thought goes into the current parter and kids. They didn't choose to be in this situation but they are directly and negatively affected.
  • I don't think with my sex organs so i don't see this happening to me.
  • The question is..could you make this person happy? Another question..what if this person agreed to be with you and then, one day, out of the blue, his/her dream person came into the picture? I'd say you're not ready for any kind of meaningful relationship..did you get together with your current partner because it was a compromise and you felt you couldn't do any better?..if that is the case, I think you need to look inside yourself and figure out what is going on with you..that is not nice, kind or mature behavior. Just my opinion. Happy Saturday! :)
  • You weight your needs against the feeling of another person that you supposedly say you love? When you love someone, it implies that you have a certain ammount of care and consideration for theior feelings and well being, in many cases you measure that as a part of your own need for self protection and self preservation, making the two become as one. (It actually means something.) I think that if you are out there looking, you notice, and then if you take a liking to someone else, the question that you should ask yourself is "Do I really love this person all that much if I see anything else beyond them as potential." In some cases, some people are not geared toward monogamy. If you realize that about yourself and you are the type that is open to a three way relationship, you should see that in yourself and be completely honest about it so as not to so carelessly throw around the word "love" in the way that most other people see and react to it and say from the get go, I care about you but I am not a monogamous person by nature, do you still feel that you can love me, if I can love someone else? Then, you are honest, everyone is privy to all the information they need and you are not responsable for the actions or hurt feelings of anyone else. Honesty truely is the best policy. But it takes a strong self aware human being to be that honest at the risk of not being able to have their cake and eat it too. That is why people lie in the first place, get people entangled in their complications and hurt feelings that didn't need be hurt.

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