• youve probably damaged ajoint or a blood vessel...either by trauma, unknowingly hitting it too hard on something... or by an insect bite
  • Is the swollen area above a joint? Which joint, please? Second: is the swollen area red? how long does it take for white spot left when you indent with your finger to turn red again? Third, can you zero-in on an "epicenter" of the pain? (narrow it down to bug bite -vs- infection_
  • That just happened to me on Monday. It was red swollen, and very painful. I soaked it in warm water and epson salts. The swelling went down a bit but still painful. Yesterday, when I got up it was turning black and still very painful. I called my doctor and she said to come to the office at 1:30. She wasn't sure what it was, but she did ask me if I had banged it or hit it with anything, I told her no. The doctor said it was some kind of an infection and put me on anti-biotics. I was in the hospital three years ago for three days, because I had the same thing (on my foot) happen only it was cellulitis, something that can be life threating if not stopped in time. My doctor said to soak my finger in warm water for 15 minutes three times a day, and to take the anti-biotic for 7 days. If it is not better by tomorrow, to call her back. It is still very painful!! If it is not feeling any better I would strongly suggest you go to your doctor because it could be very serious! Good Luck..
  • Well, my finger feels much better. The swelling is down, but it feels bruised. Thanks all for your input.
  • i work in alternative therapy and look at the body for the answere, the index finger is connected to the large intestine and could be indicating your constipated or have a blockage of some kind. If however you have fallen then you may have upset the joint and arnica is always a good treatment
  • You might have fractured it- you should probably go to the doctor even if the swelling has already gone down.
  • I'ts possible that it is gout. Your doctor could confirm or rule that out.
  • it could be arthritis, get it checked out

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