• It would sting very much. It would be like cutting yourself open and sticking and torch in. I haven't got personal experience, and hope I never will, but I heard that it is like that.
  • well like answerermerry I can't say from personal experience but my brother was shot in the shoulder (and multiple other places of his body) but he said he hadn't even realized he'd been shot (from adrenaline i bet, because this attack on him was COMPLETLEY unexpected- that is to say he was not in war, he was sitting in his car at a stop light). in any case, the pain afterward he described, was that of a million nives rushing towards you and cutting through your arm and shattering your bone... sounds painful...
  • I have been shot multiple times in the chest. At first you do not realize what happened then you get incredible pain by the time the 2nd and 3rd bullet hits you. Everything went in slow motion. I fell to the ground feeling the blood ooze all over my chest. After about 30 seconds I almost felt at peace as I knew I was going to die. I loss consciousness and I was found a couple of minutes later. I woke up 10 days later in the Hospital with tubes all connected to me. They say My Heart stopped 3 times during transport and 2 times on the table. I still have 1 bullet in my body. I feel evem now 3 years later pain where the bullets hit me.
  • I have no such experience, but I would bet it will hurt very much.

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