• It all depends on what you were in jail for. There are some employers that would hire you, if you tell them about your history, with explanation, before they run a back ground check. If they have to find out, by doing the background check, it does lower your chances of being hired. Good luck!
  • I am in the same boat and i live in texas. there are some states were backgroung checks are not legal to do . My crime was evading arest and didn't hurt no one are tear up a thing. i have two years left on probation then i am moving were i can get a good job.
  • Try this website:
  • Utah Department of Transportation policies and procedures say they will not hire a felon unless the felony was comitted ten years prior of hire. They automaticlly disqualify, you dont even get a chance to interview just a letter. 2007 my conviction 2005 and still on probation I put application in with UDOT. I knew I would be Denied. Two days later before they had a chance to deny me I marched in to Human Resources and asked to speak with the HR director after an hour in his offfice reviewing P&P and going over my convictions he granted me the interview. Two weeks later I was offered the Job then came another step. I guess they didnt think I would get the job. After hearing the news HR thought they might have a problem. My supervisor that hired me had to right a leeter to UDOT, director and he had to agree. so after a couple more days of doing what i could wich included Refrence letters from promenate people that are pillars to the community i recieved word they were given the go ahead to hire me. But I constantly have to prove myself more then the other guy in situations.But i do not mind it just shows I am better and i now shine in eyes that thought I would not. Always remember this We have to work harder to prove we are not what the paper shows we are but the outcome puts on a far greater level then thoughs who dont

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