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  • Try it. Tell him i try it but i'm not comfortable doing it, and please don't be upset if i do it wrong. Hell i like my girl on top, it give them control.
  • I LOVE being on top. It's my favorite because I'm in total control. I like to sit up and let him put his hands on my hips. If you're nervous, just close your eyes. He'll move you the way he wants to. After awhile, you'll know what feels good and then do it on your own. Also, I like to lean down with my breasts in his face and move my hips up and down on his dick. Guys LOVE that..Trust me... YOu'll like it too. I rub my clit on his dick during sex, sometimes I get off that way. Or you can sit way back and move up and down that way.
  • Try it. I prefer bottom, but top can be fun. Have him engage in some play while you're on top.
  • Straddle him with the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position. He won't complain! Lots of guys like their girl on top. You won't do it wrong.

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