• They say it's never really too late to achieve the goals you want. I know this guy who's 40 who just decided that he wants to be a doctor (he used to be an engineer), so now he's pursuing a medical degree. Don't let your perception of your age hold you back from doing the things that you want. I'm sure at your 40th birthday you'll be surrounded by friends and family who love you, and that's already something. Have a happy birthday.
  • It's never to late to learn and to achieve. Having a positive willpower and determination can do wonders for anyone. Do not only focus on what you have not achieve but be happy and contented at the little things you have done. Move on in life, write down the things which also you wish to do and make it happen
  • This is a very normal feeling at this age, so please don't get depressed about it. Just remember that you still have half your life ahead of you, and unlike the first half, you have more freedom to achieve the things you want to do. The kids, if you have any, will be out of the house soon and your earning power is probably increasing as you advance in your chosen profession ; these mean that you will not be tied to the home and you will have the financial means to pursue many of your ambitions and dreams. I plan on retiring in about 5 years and I hope to return and finish the university degree that had to get sidelined due to family obligations. I also plan on purchasing a motorcycle - something I haven't had since my early 20s, when I sold my last bike to pay for a honeymoon. Life doesn't pass you by unless you let it. And have a Happy Birthday - you have earned it!!
  • You know the saying - "Life begins at 40"!!! You're probably not even half way through your life yet and you're at an age where you can use your life experience to good advantage. The world is your oyster (another saying) and you can do whatever you want - life is for living (oops another one) so go ahead and live it. Get drunk, sleep around, go dancing, go to night school, learn a new skill, go travelling, learn a language, get your hair cut, write a book, make a video, get a tatoo, do a parachute jump. But, the most important thing is not to dwell on this very young age of 40 or you will find that life does pass you by. You are only 40!!!
  • Let's just say one of the things you always wanted to do was learn to play the piano, but you knew it would take a few years to learn, and now you regret that you will be 40 and never did it. Well, just START NOW! In five years and two weeks you will be 45, God willing. You can be 45 and still thinking it's too late to start now, or you can be 45 AND know how to play the piano. It's your choice! Don't get depressed, get ACTIVE and get to it!
  • Turning 30 or 40 or 50 etc., is not easy as we are forced to reflect upon our lives and where we are going with them in the future. If it will make you feel any better, 40 is now the new 30 so you still have plenty of time to do everything you want to do - and more. You will find that growing older usually brings with it wisdom, patience and a certain kind of mellowing...and this will give you loads of confidence to go out and do everything you planned to do. You will also find that you are less self-conscious in your forties - ie you don't care so much what people think about how you act or what you say or do and as long as you aren't cruel or reckless with this new-found freedom, it will bring a period of great creativity and liveliness into your life. Life begins at 40 they say - however since this is now the new 30, you still have another ten years to go!! Just enjoy it because think of the alternative to having another birthday...
  • look the old saying 'life begins at 40' is very very true ....I found that out 13 years ago ..just treat it as a new phase of your life ...take by the throat and run with it you will be very surprised and thrilled at what new adventures it opens up for you ...if you seek them and allow your self to ...happy birthday in advance and enjoy ...the best years are all ahead of you !:)
  • You're still alive, and there is likely some interesting if not exciting times coming up. Whenever I get down about where I'm at, I think of the soldiers in Iraq and want to kick myself squarely in the ass. There are young people fighting right now that will never live to see 32 or 40. I'll take tough times anyday over no times. Send something to a random soldier (even just a thank you letter) and I guarantee you'll feel a little better (and so will they!)
  • That feeling (I thot I'd be established, settled, successful, whatever by now) comes for each of us at diff times. For me it was age 21 - I sounded exactly like you do now. It was bad and I cried and basically anesthetized myself. All I can say is that it passes. I'd suggest you be around loved ones and focus on the positives in your life. Maybe some realistic goal-setting would be in order too.
  • When you are 70 or even 50 you will look back and think of how young you were at 40 and how silly you were to feel old and depressed. You still have (hopefully) many decades left. Why not start doing the things you want to do now. I mean what else are you going to do, just let the rest of your years pass by?
  • As long as you have your health you can accomplish whatever you any age. Decide what you want to do and make it happen. Regrets will be a bitter taste if you don't make the effort.
  • My mother always told me that life began at 40. She was didn't even start for me until I was in my 50's....Life won't pass you by...
  • No, but in just over 2 years I'll be joining you. Half way through the race and I haven't even left the starting line yet. Hell, I don't think I've even found my running shoes.
  • Think about this. If life passes you by, so what? Maybe your previous expectations were not in line with reality. I passed 40 many years ago, and had already given up on trying to "get ahead" of anything. I like where I am at every time in my life. I see no value in keeping up, or any of those other tired phrases designed to make people feel bad about what they have and want more.
  • Just a quick word. My forties have been outstanding! Much better than the thirties and no comparison to my twenties. By far the most enjoyable to date, my teens and my forties, so get ready for some fun.
  • You dont look very old in your picture. You look kinda hot. :P But think possitivly. Its not like your going to die anytime soon. You still have so much more ahead of you.
  • Sorry, I'm going through the same thing.
  • I'm sure your still beautiful and look 10 years younger than your age. ^_-
  • No. The best years are behind you and it's all down here from here! I'm not trying to make you feel worse but I'm right there with ya. My wife makes me feel old all the time and they say misery loves company and my misery is bored so you are cordially invited to hate aging with me! Old people are seasoned not withered.
  • At 40 you think life has passed you by? Ha! I'm 40! I've done alot but there's so much more to do that I can't see how it's going to happen. That said I want to think I have 40 to 45 more good years. If your getting depressed because you don't feel you've done enough with your life then it's probably the truth. Don't let that get you down though - tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to change how you've been living. Get out and have fun. Chase the cheese down the hill! Yee Haw!
  • Always remember, no matter how much you do achieve it will never be enough. That's why Bill Gates still works even though he became the richest man who has ever lived. No one on their death bed wishes that they had spent more time at work or studying. I think most would rather have spent more time with there loved ones. So, friends and family have it not 'aheivements'. Be happy/content because nothing can be taken with you in the life here after. You acheivments will be forgoton.
  • 40 - only 40! Sure life begins at 40! Im only 27 but I cant wait til Im 40 cos by that stage in my life I will not give a toss about the stupid things Im worried about now and I really will be making the most of my life!! Go for it! You only life once! 40 is young xx
  • As father time finds us in advanced years, growing older is easy and inevitable. I expect we tend to want to be better at some things, an improvement to somehow stay young or convince our minds and others that are young that we are simply getting better as we get old. It's hard to accept the things we cannot do anymore, e.g., run, walk fast, skip a rope, climb a tree. I didn't think I would live to be passed sixty. Age sixty at thirty years old, was latent and far into the future. Those thirty years were gone before I realized it. Now that I'm steadfastly headed toward retirement, looking back in retrospect I feel that getting older was a sententious journey full of adventures and highs and lows, to be reckoned and accounted for and sometimes with penitence. I mainly look toward the relief that in my sixty plus years on earth so far I have avoided the alternative of the underground and living long enough to be recognized by younger folks . . . as old. You will be just fine. Remember that everyone has to go through this. Relax and let it pass naturally
  • You are still alive. Life is not over, start do something positive. Go back to school probably need to make a change in career.
  • Ya know what? I just turned 40 in November, I look at it this way you are still vertical, you can still acheive the things you want, you just got to really want it. I just went back to school and I am the oldest person in my class. I am somewhat of a wall-flower but ya know, life is too short and I want to make something of myself that my kids and family can be proud of. so go get 'em, do what you want in life. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
  • I am going to tell you just like my wife told me, "40 is just a number. do not let it get you down". i took her words to heart 26 years ago. i am now almost 66(dec. 16th)and i do not let the numbers ruin my life. If you feel good, have a good family and another are blessed. Each morning i wake up, i say a "thank you" to God for another day of life. Try this and see what happens for you. Prayers change things and it will help you. I challenge you to try this and see what happens. Happy Birthday to you.......Miss Kitty. from john

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